What is Cryptohands? How to get 100ETH with Cryptohands?

New Trending in Crypto: Multilevel Marketing on Smart Contracts

The MLM Industry is discovering a new way to build Multilevel Marketing Structures based on the Blockchain.

The main PLUS of these platforms is that they are MACHINE CONTROLLED, no human factor involved, no admins, no bankers, etc. The structure is built on a Smart Contract on the Blockchain and it CAN’T be deleted or modified.

The payments are always between the users, P2P, the contracts just function like a “corridor” for the transactions.

So, the people who join these projects or platforms, can be 100% sure that nobody will take their money and run away. The payments go straight to their wallets. The balance on every Smart Contract is ALWAYS ZERO. No need to “request” payments or dividends. The website is just a Panel to visualize the structure. Scam, by default, it’s not possible.

ANYONE can ALWAYS check ANY transactions on the Blockchain.

No need to sell absolutely useless products or services like in other MLM projects.

Also, it is very different from an ICO, IEO, IPO or Iwhatever, where many times people invest in tokens, coins or futures, with 0 to none value, hoping to get 1000% back after a few months. And 99.99% of the time, these projects are just scams or managed by completely incompetent teams.

Up to now, these platforms are using the ETH Blockchain for their Smart Contracts, as it is the easiest to build and most popular choice. In the near future, we believe many other platforms will be created on different Blockchains.

What is Crytohands?

Cryptohands is a way of making money in the Cryptocurrency industry. It was built on the Ethereum Blockchain.

What is Cryptohands?

On their website they say CRYPTOHANDS smart contract is uploaded into the Ethereum Cryptocurrency network and even theoretically cannot be changed or deleted by anyone, including its creators. Therefore nobody and nothing can’t stop the work of the System even in case of site closure or administartion disappear. CRYPTOHANDS system does not belong to anyone and works independently of the site.

Accounts of every user is situated in the smart contarct but not on the site, that’s why it can’t be blocked or deleted even by the site admin. In your account (without password) on the CRYPTOHANDS site is displayed information about every account only, taken from the Ethereum smart contract. Therefore, it is impossible to hack an account and change a member’s wallet.

Why we choose Cryptohands?

You will get back your investment from the FIRST referral you bring to the platform.

ONLY 0.05 ETH to start! — about $10

Possible earnings from 0,1 ETH to almost 10 000 ETH in ONE year!

In just a few weeks, more than 33000 people already joined the platform. All the money is instantly distributed among the platform participants according to their level and structure.

  • The project administration does not have access to your money, all payments are made through a smart contract (it cannot be changed), which immediately redirects funds to your ETH wallet.
  • Anybody with an ETH wallet address can participate.
  • More than 30 languages available.

  • Only very basic knowledge of the Ethereum Blockchain and crypto is needed.

How Cryptohands works?

You will need the Ethereum Wallet and 0.05 ETH.  (0.05 ETH = xxx$) 

Step 0

If you do not have an Ethereum-wallet, more details here Ethereum FAQ.

Step 1

To register and simultaneously receive the 1st level in the System, send 0.05 ETH to your upline. And the first user, that will come after you, will send this amount back to you. This is 1 time action at all. All other transfers are made at the expense of already earned funds. 
Simple and clear guide on the page SIGN UP.

And then click Registration, you just need to make a transaction of 0.05 ETH via Metamask, is automatic, you just login with your Metamask. Or click Manual and you can do it via https://www.myetherwallet.com/, but there you need to manually send the transaction and when making the transaction in the Advanced settings add the ETH wallet 0xB1c1caF0Fb83958961f64c2b2C51C924E1616A26 in the Add Data field and transfer 0.05 ETH and the system will automatically put you in the right place.

Besides, you can make a transaction of 0.05 ETH via Trust Wallet.

My Cryptohands link to Trust Wallet: https://cryptohands.org/vi/?rid=27235

This is all you need to do to register in the project!

Step 2

SIGN IN TO THE ACCOUNT, using only the Ethereum wallet number (without password). 
The password is not needed, since your account is in a smart contract, and not on the site. Therefore, your account cannot be blocked or deleted from the System even by the site administration. And your Ethereum wallet can not be hacked or changed to another. 
We never ask your private keys.

Step 3

There are three ways to get referrals:

  • Attract referrals to your structure in CRYPTOHANDS.
  • Get referrals from your uplines by “overflows” (as programmed in the smart contract). 
  • Wait until the system will bring you free referrals by itself.

Step 4

Receive automatic transactions from smart contract directly on your Ethereum wallet. 
According to the tabel below, on the 1st level you are transferred 0.15 ETH, on the 2nd level – 1.35 ETH, and on the 3rd level – 12.15 ETH. (there are 8 levels in total and 10000ETH of earnings). 
No need to accept transactions or request payments. The funds directly come to your wallet.

Step 5  (Repeat it every year)

If you have more than 5000 ETH and 120 anonymous referrals. What to do next? It may be repeated every year, retaining a structure. And get the same amount of income every year, collected by all the time in the system. And the FEWER people left in your structure, the MORE your income is. Your inactive and dropped out referrals – a “door”, to all their referrals of the same line, in case of their inactivity.

What is next? (Guarantees)

Nobody can close your account, to stop payments or make changes to the system, since the smart contract is loaded into the Ethereum network. It can’t be deleted or changed. 
Referrals can be invited without a website and referral links but directly into a smart contract. 
Therefore, the CRYPTOHANDS System will exist as long as the Cryptocurrency exist, and the Cryptocurrency will exist as long as the Internet exist.


That’s all about Cryptohands project. If you have other questions and want to take part in this project, please contact me:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hieumarketing95