PTCshare Review – Earn Money Daily With PTCshare

Ptcshare is a website will give you the opportunity to build an additional stream of income by interacting with paid ads, completing surveys and other simple tasks. Today, i’m gonna share with you guys about this project and how to make good money with PTCshare.

What Is PTCshare?

Ptcshare is a hybrid of a paid to click and a revenue sharing website. In many ways, it will be similar to Paidverts, but far easier to understand because “Ease of use” is their main objective for PtcShare, for both the advertiser and the earner.

But first, we need to check it on scamadviser to see how PTCshare works!

The rating of indicates the site is safe

Advertisers will have the possibility to advertise on PTCshare without having to go through 9 different options, such as on Paidverts. You select whichever delivery method you desire and we do all the complicated stuff regarding the pre-selection of their products. I really appreciate that they’re making it a fast and pain-free method for every advertiser, both new and experienced.

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After many years in the field, they’ve designed a sustainable system that allows you to earn cash from viewing ads in their platform through the Bulk Ad Points program. For those willing to go an extra mile, they have a big bonus reward… for every $1 you will spend on Bulk Ads, you will be credited with 118% in BAP directly into your account. BAP will be one of the systems they use to distribute paid ads to users based on your BAP group, the higher the BAP group the more valuable ads you will receive!

For the user as we are, they’re making things extremely simple and as financially attractive as they possibly can. Users will have a wide variety of earning methods, all neatly portrayed and explained. Besides, users will be able to earn by watching ads and, playing games, fulfilling offers/tasks on the offer walls and by sharing in the profitability of the website by buying bulk ads. Especially, you can earn starting completely for FREE.

What is more, PTCshare will include various loyalty progression features, that will allow everyone to prove their value via various activities on the site, and that way earn themselves a chance to earn more over time! How awesome is that?

But that’s not all! PTCshare intends to add many more earning methods, methods which haven’t been seen before in Paidverts just yet.

Proof of concept and a dedicated team

PTCshare is brought to the world by the same team behind, one of the leading PTCs that has been paying for almost 5 years! They have taken many valuable lessons of PaidVerts’ unique concept, and applied them to PTCshare to perfect the system – making it simpler to use for both earners and advertisers – and provide both with better results and more potential earnings!

Paidverts’s official announcement about PTCshare

You can check PaidVerts at here to see whether or not it’s a scam!

The rating of paidverts indicates the site is good and safe

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Commision Policy

From now on, you can spread the word to your friends, relatives and others! Should they join the website, they will reward you with unlimited commissions from what your referrals achieve in their website. They don’t have any silly limits on amount of people you can refer to the website – if you’re willing to work for it, you can have as many referrals as you can get – you deserved it!

You will earn 7% referral commissions on any of your referrals’ ad purchase, and an additional 3% on the VALUE of all of your referrals ad views.

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Moreover, the management has confirmed that all new registered members will receive +100 Bonus Ad Points in their balance as a welcome bonus, isn’t that cool?

Due to the great loyalty programs that incentivize users to stick with their for years, this means that most of your referrals will end up being regular purchasers and view a ton of ads for years to come, so the potential for you to earn is enormous!

See more how PTCshare gives you the best options to earn!

PTCshare Gives You The Best Options

Payment Policy

Here’s the payment processors that thay will support in their website:

  • Perfect Money
  • Bitcoin
  • Litecoin
  • Payeer…

No photo description available.

Registration Guidelines

  • Step 1: You can join PTCshare from this special link below

  • Step 2: Create your account at by the image below. Please make sure that displays “I confirm that I was referred by degeabkso my community can support you in the long run. (If it doesn’t display my referral code: degeabk, you can click to change button and write my referral code down).

  • Step 3: You need to check your email & confirm your activation link that PTCshare sends to your registered mail to make your account active. (plese make sure to check spam folder as well).

  • Step 4: Login in to your account to experience some of functions of PTCshare.

Moreover, here’s your referral box that you can check who is your downlines and your commission from them. Click to Refer Friends and scroll down to your referral box.

How to make money with PTCshare?

  • You must collect BAP to receive cash ads.
  • Purchasing Bulk Ads is one of the best ways to obtain BAP, as each Bulk Ad you buy will give you 2360 BAP.
  • Learn how to quickly set up your Bulk Ads campaign with this video tutorial!

See PTCshare Tutorials Now

So there you go, start earning money and join my Facebook Community so i can support you whenever you want!

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That’s it. That’s total information that i want to share with you guys about promising project – PTC Share. So what are you waiting for? Join PTCshare here & start earning some good extra income right now.

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